Clarence Caldwell

5 Laws That Reward Not Punish

This book will both touch you and change you for the better. Learn the secrets to rise above.

  • Lions & Tiger & Bears, Oh My! - Speaking & Writing & Leading, Oh My! Conquer your greatest fears
  • Are you simply Educated or are you Emotionally Intelligent? Find your Emotional Maturity 
  • Make the ‘Pig’s Commitment’ - your character is at stake. No when your word means the most 
  • Gain enough confidence to get started. Remove self doubt.  
  • Get your Bonus (5 Immutable Laws Model)  

“Great insights and 5-C framework to help anyone be more powerful.”  

Rick Miller, Chief at Being Chief.Com

“Your leadership muscles will crave this book like your body craves your favorite workout.”  

Andrea Justad, Founder, The Leadership Edge