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About the Author
Clarence Caldwell
Executive Coach
True Life Enterprises
Hi, I’m Clarence Caldwell and I’m passionate about helping leaders thrive and grow in business and in life. My passion comes from having traveled a long road myself. Being raised in the inner city in relative poverty, I know what it feels like to not have a clear view of an abundant future. But mine is not a typical rags to riches story. I would love to say through sheer hard work and determination I pulled my self out of the ghetto and into the boardroom - but my road was NOT that straight. Later in life I found myself as a homeless adult with no food, job, money or future. This is one of the reasons I later started a Non-Profit organization called The ROOTS Foundation aimed at helping at-risk youth make better decisions to avoid the pot holes I hit along the way. Once I made the decision to move my life in the right direction I found myself pretty far behind the rest of the workforce with little hope of any meaningful career. By then I was holding on to the rationale that many people grasp. I would not advance in my career because of age, skin color, education, and the list goes on. The turning point for me was as a low level employee I had the good fortune of meeting a Senior Executive that was both a strong leader and a caring person. A combination I had not seen before in someone at this level. I gathered the courage and sought him out as a mentor. In one conversation with him I realized that it was not too late for me and that there very well could be a seat at the table for me. Yes it did take hard work and determination but I also acquired a laser focus on what the true secrets were to accelerating my career moves quickly without much resistance. What I found made an incredible difference and literally catapulted me to the top levels of leadership within some of this country's largest corporations. 
That is why I can say with confidence that your future is not prewritten. Your destiny is not predetermined. You can build a career by default or by design. If you are ready for the tools to break through that glass ceiling or barrier and take your career to the next level, then I am just the person you should see. Start by reading this book. 
What Others Are Saying
    I worked with Clarence when I was Vice President of Operations. He coached me on a Leadership Model called 'The Four P's' (People Planning, Process, and Performance Measurements) A philosophy that worked exceptionally well and guided my department to superlative performance. I even use it in my private business because it works so well!
  • Larry Webb, PhD. Orange County
  • Clarence is the real deal.. I feel fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him. His integrity and wisdom make him the perfect go to person if you need a mentor or coach to help you achieve greater success in your career.
  • Lauren Jawno, Toronto Ontario
  • Clarence is passionate about leadership. His guidance is invaluable. It has made the difference for my career. 
  • Brad Austin, Seattle
"Here's what you'll get."
About the Author
My name is Clarence, I have a passion and a track record for guiding people to success. Career shifts are not difficult when you know what to do. Let's get started moving your career and income to the next level.
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